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Once in a blue moon, I realize that just because something is liked by an overwhelming majority of people I don't like does not mean that I find this thing unlikeable as well (though most of the time that is the case).

I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I love Lady Gaga.

I have to balance out this ultra-poppy post with people I despise:

Katy Perry
Disney Channel affiliates
Jessica Alba
Radiohead's new identity
The Grammy performance of M.I.A/T.I./Jay-Z/Kanye West/Lil' Wayne (Okay, I cannot tell if the majority of people were moved by this performance but, c'mon now. Genuinely enjoyable musicians making noise and competing for ego display is just plain annoying.)
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i love this light in winter time

Sometimes I fantasize about living in an apartment in New York City or London. It is cold everyday and rains a lot so I have huge collections of scarfs and umbrellas. I walk to work but always stop in to get the best coffee in the whole world at a mellow coffee shop where I can start a chapter of the really good book I'm currently reading. I host and go to parties like the ones I imagine Warhol/Sedgwick/Velvet Underground had back in their heyday. I have a surround-sound system installed in the kitchen, dining room, and lounge areas. I don't have a living room. I play music from Brazil, Africa, and France. I dance and cook at the same time. I make Italian, Thai, and Mediterranean food. I own a black cat and a small dog I rescued from the pound. I live with someone cool- who is stable but the least bit uptight. I have a comfortable and huge bed. Next to my bed I have a desk with a Mac computer on it, where I type short stories and poetry. In the dining room I have a bookshelf that reaches to the very top of the ceiling. There is a rolling ladder in front of it so people can get to the books near the top. It is filled with mostly novels, anthologies, and psychology texts. My roommate likes painting and sketching so a large part of the lounge is dedicated for that. I also do some art from time to time. At parties, many people make art there. We tell them they are forbidden to take their artwork home with them (unless it's particularly bad, and in this case we welcome it). Instead, we put it up on a wall dedicated to artwork solely made in my apartment. I have a collection of cheap wine.

Not bad, right? Fantasizing is chastised in America but I don't see a problem with it if it's realistic. Without fantasy, nobody would find out what they truly want in life, right? To whoever reads this- what do you fantasize about?
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in my life, I loved you more

A many things to announce:

1. Today is my sister's birthday. She will be recieving a comforter, an ipod nano, and The Notebook on dvd (the latter being from me).

2. I will be frebreezing every square inch of my room today for reasons some of you may know.

3. My job shadow at the Peace Corps was postponed so I can pick another one if I want to go to on Friday.

4. That same Friday I get to see MAMMA MIA! at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Center

5. My allergies are kicking up again and I abhor sinus headaches!

6. I have a new television in my room and it is h-u-g-e.

7. Fester made me cry.

8. Finally, the Thousand Oaks Macy's will be closing. HAH! I knew they would fail without me!


9. I caught a glimpse of my true love for about 30 minutes. She brought snacks and I brought coffee and Jake Gyllenhaal memorabilia. Wingman saw her too.